The Stability Putter Shaft by Breakthrough Golf is one of those items I was hesitant to review. I felt no-one really needed it and that it was not going to make a difference. After using for the first time, I quickly changed my mind. I one-putted the first 8 holes… No joke. This putter shaft is a game changer and I am super excited to share my experience and review of the Stability Putter Shaft with all of you. Here is the Golf Review Guy Stability Putter Shaft Golf Review. 



The process of changing the shaft out was as easy as it gets. Breakthrough Golf Technology sent me a shipping box with a label to send my putter to back to them. So I loaded up the box with my current putter and shipped it out. Within a week, I had my new shaft on my current putter. This is one of the best ways to integrate new golf technology, making it very easy on the consumer. Breakthrough Golf Technology also offers its Stability Shafts on current putter heads as well, for those who do not want to change their current putter shafts. 


Right off the back, I felt this putter shaft was smooth and solid. Your ball contact feels amazing and the ball seems to glide off the club head. Again, I was a doubter in the beginning but after one round with this Breakthrough Golf Technology Shaft, I may want to put it on every putter I ever get. This was not a one-time experiment either, I have been playing with this shaft for over 6 months now and am still amazed. My putting game is more consistent and fluid. 


Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Putter Shaft $199.00 per stability shaft.

For 50+ years, the putter shaft has not changed; historically it has been a simple steel pipe. Yet head designs for putters have evolved and gotten dramatically heavier. This has resulted in shafts that are not stable or strong enough to keep these heavier, advanced putter heads from oscillating, twisting and turning. In fact, the strongest part of the putter shaft is under the hands, where it does the least good; the weakest part is near the club head. Why would any golfer trust their putter to an inadequate steel shaft if they had a better option? After all, golfers use their putter almost twice as much as any other club.

Introducing the Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology. Breakthrough Golf uses scientifically advanced multi-material design with geometries never before used in a putter shafts. The Stability shaft has a unique look and a more solid feel than a traditional steel putter shaft.

The performance of the shaft was exhaustively tested with hundreds of putters using state-of-the-art high-speed cameras, robots, SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll software and Trackman4. The result was to re-invent the putter shaft from the ground up.



If you are struggling with your putting game then I highly recommend this Breakthrough Golf Technology Putter Shaft. Even if you think you’re solid on the green, I would still want you to try this thing out. It may make your putting game even better.

​The Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Putter Shaft is Tested and approved by the Golf Review Guy. 
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