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Cleveland Golf 588 2.0 RTC Wedge Review

Cleveland Golf has really taken the wedge and done something special with them. Cleveland has a grip on the wedge industry and it’s due to their innovation and great design of products. I was very impressed by the feel and even the look of these wedges. Cleveland Golf knows what they are doing and continue to do it right. The wedges I received are the 60 degree – 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge and the 56 degree – 588 2.0 Tour Satin wedge. Here is the Golf Review Guy golf review on Cleveland Golfs 588 2.0 RTC Wedges. 


These wedges feel sturdy and impressive in my hands. They are tough and really cut through the rough. The first time I took these things out I was in the rough for what felt like every hole, but I kept making it out and onto the green. When I know a good wedge is in my hands is when I feel everything flowing just right. These wedges have a great feel and everything seems to just flow. I guess this is why Cleveland has such a hold on the golf wedge market.

These wedges use Rotex 2.0 the most advanced spin technology on the market. With this spin technology, you have more control and more feel. You can see the spin design on the face of the wedge, which looks really cool. The club head is not to heavy for those touch shots but heavy enough to cut through the rough.  Cleveland also has this whole dot setup for their wedges that is pretty great. The dot system allows you to pick the amount of bounce you want on your wedge along with the different grinds and sole options. The dot setup almost gives as many options as buying custom wedges.

I know your wedges game is truly a feel game and I cant really explain what exactly I liked about these wedges so much. Though I can tell you, I am very impressed by the performance of these Cleveland Golf Clubs.


Not only do these wedges perform, they look good while doing it. I was able to get both a black and a silver club head. If you are a returning reader, then you know I really like the design of black golf heads. So of course I will be a little bias but both clubs do have a great look and design. If you are thinking of making the switch to Cleveland wedges, I suggest you cruz on over to your local golf shop and just give them a shot. You’ll probably like the black look better… but they might be harder to find in some stores. Though I guarantee, you will not be disappointed by the performance of these 588 2.0 RTX Wedges. 


Cleveland is currently the number one name in golf wedges. This is due to the fact they make really high quality clubs that perform. I can now say I know why these wedges are so highly talked about. If you are interested in stepping up your wedge game, I suggest you take a trip down to your local golf shop and try out a few Cleveland Golf Wedges. 


You can find all the Cleveland Golf products online or at many of your major golf retailers. Click here to check our their website or you can find these golf wedges on AmazonClick here to see the lowest price
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