GolfForever Swing Trainer Review: A Comprehensive Guide

GolfForever Swing Trainer Review: A Comprehensive Guide


As a golfer constantly striving to improve my game, I was excited to try the GolfForever Swing Trainer, a product prominently featured on Netflix’s “Full Swing” and endorsed by PGA Tour star Scottie Scheffler. Marketed as the first complete golf training aid, the GolfForever Swing Trainer promises to enhance flexibility, strength, and swing speed, making it an appealing option for golfers of all skill levels.


The GolfForever Swing Trainer is an all-in-one kit designed to help golfers achieve their goals systematically and faster. Developed by leading experts in golf fitness, this product focuses on a natural and safer approach to the golf swing. The kit includes a 44.5-inch training bar with attachment points, durable light and medium resistance latex training cords with safety sleeves, a universal nylon door anchor, two polymer carabiners, an optimized weighted warmup club, and quick-interchange weighted balls for various training exercises. Additionally, purchasers receive a one-year exclusive access to over 1,000 step-by-step instructional programs through the GolfForever app.

Key Features

1. Comprehensive Training Kit

The GolfForever Swing Trainer is a versatile system designed to improve the three key elements of golf performance: mobility, balance, and speed. The kit’s components are thoughtfully engineered to support a wide range of exercises that target different aspects of the golf swing. Whether you’re working on increasing your swing speed or improving your balance, this kit has you covered.

2. High-Quality Materials

The training bar and resistance cords are made from durable materials that ensure longevity and safety. The resistance cords are covered with a safety sleeve to prevent wear and tear, and the handles and carabiners are robust enough to withstand intense use. The weighted warmup club and interchangeable weighted balls add an extra dimension to the training, allowing for both warm-up and strength-building exercises.

3. Accessibility and Convenience

One of the standout features of the GolfForever Swing Trainer is its accessibility. The entire kit is portable and can be used at home, in the gym, or on the course. The universal door anchor and carabiners allow you to set up your training station almost anywhere, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The GolfForever app further enhances accessibility by providing a comprehensive library of instructional videos and personalized training programs.

User Experience

1. Initial Setup

Setting up the GolfForever Swing Trainer is straightforward. The included instructions are clear, and the components fit together seamlessly. The door anchor and carabiners provide secure attachment points, and the resistance cords are easy to adjust based on the desired exercise.

2. Training Programs

The GolfForever app is a valuable resource, offering a wide range of training programs tailored to different skill levels and goals. Upon signing up, users take a short strength and flexibility assessment, which helps the app create a personalized training regimen. The instructional videos are well-produced, with clear demonstrations and explanations that make it easy to follow along.

3. Performance and Results

Using the GolfForever Swing Trainer regularly yields noticeable improvements in flexibility, strength, and swing mechanics. In my experience, consistent use of the trainer led to increased clubhead speed and more consistent ball striking. The resistance training helps build the muscles used in the golf swing, while the weighted warmup club improves overall swing mechanics and tempo.


Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: Suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to professional golfers.
  • Portability: Can be used at home, in the gym, or on the course.
  • Comprehensive Training: Addresses all aspects of golf fitness, including strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable and safe components.
  • Personalized Programs: The GolfForever app provides tailored training plans based on individual assessments.


  • Space Requirements: Some exercises require adequate space and a sturdy anchor point, which might be challenging in smaller homes.
  • Initial Investment: While the kit is reasonably priced, the annual subscription for the app adds to the overall cost.
  • Resistance Cord Comfort: Some users have reported that the resistance cords can be uncomfortable during certain exercises.

Testimonials and Expert Opinions

Scottie Scheffler, a top PGA Tour player, has credited the GolfForever Swing Trainer with helping him add power, stability, and mobility to his game. Scheffler integrated the Swing Trainer into his training regimen in 2021 and has since seen significant improvements in his performance, including multiple tour wins. His endorsement, along with those of other PGA and LPGA players, highlights the effectiveness of the GolfForever system.

Users have also shared positive feedback, noting improvements in flexibility, strength, and overall golf performance. Many appreciate the convenience of being able to train at home and the variety of exercises available through the app.


The GolfForever Swing Trainer is a comprehensive and versatile training aid that offers significant benefits for golfers of all levels. Its combination of high-quality materials, accessibility, and personalized training programs makes it a valuable addition to any golfer’s training regimen. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as space requirements and the cost of the app subscription, the overall benefits far outweigh these concerns.

If you’re looking to improve your golf game and enhance your overall fitness, the GolfForever Swing Trainer is a worthwhile investment. Its proven track record, endorsements from top players, and positive user reviews make it one of the best golf training aids available today.

For more information and to purchase the GolfForever Swing Trainer, visit the GolfForever website or check out their Amazon page.

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By incorporating the GolfForever Swing Trainer into your training routine, you can achieve your golf goals systematically and effectively, just like the pros. Happy golfing!

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