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My first round out with my new black T12 Henry Griffitts Irons and I could already tell my golf game was going much better. Not only did I see a change in my ball striking but also a lower score and more bets won. These Irons look so good that even my club cleaner at the end of the round asked what kind of clubs I was playing with. 

Over the past few years I have noticed a lot of things in the golf world. If you are like me and have a swing that works, why would you want to switch it to form to a new set of irons? The problem today is that many corporate big name brands do not offer a product that is customizable to the extent as Henry Griffitts. It is hard to contact the big players and tell them you want a set of clubs that is a -6 degrees flat. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s review on the Henry Griffitts T12 Black Irons.


In order to get a good set of irons customized for you it is important to talk to somebody who really knows their stuff. With Henry Griffitts Customized Irons, they work with the best fitters around. Basically here is what is going to happen: you will swing your swing and the fitter will see what the best fit is for your game. After working with my fitter I found I was a -5 degree flat in my irons. This basically means the club head lies more angled down towards you than the standard setup. Now I stand more comfortable and have been hitting shots more easily and flawlessly. This is something that most golfers do not realize.

You have the ability to customize everything on your Henry Griffitts Irons/Clubs all the way down to the grips. It doesn’t matter if your -7 degrees flat to 6 degrees upright. This is the best part of Henry Girffitts, you get golf clubs that are truly fitted to your swing and nothing else. This allows you to make the best contact with the ball and lower that score.  

Your fitter will even help you find the best shaft, grip size, grip type, and set position. Getting fitted for clubs is something I believe every golfer should do. Not everyone swings the same way and if you are comfortable with your swing, why not get a set of clubs fit to you?  Each club is put through detailed testing to make sure they are flat before the grooves are put in. These irons are built to uphold the USGA new rules, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules. The Blades are made out of a high quality 431 Steel. This is why they are able to customize their golf clubs to fit to basically every golfer. The Steel is strong and offers a lot of feel and performance.

Each iron I received even had a SST Pure Shaft Analysis done. This process measures the stiffness, roundness, and straightness of the shaft. This is something I have never heard of before Henry Griffitts Golf Clubs. Something many golfers do not know, many tour players get a set of irons from their sponsors and then take them to get SST PURE analyzed.  This makes sure each iron is perfectly balanced. This shows how dedicated Henry Griffitts is to making the best clubs. Also, Henry Girffitts offers a 100-day fit warranty! If you are unhappy with your irons then don’t worry, your not stuck with them. This is how confident HG is in their golf clubs. 


After playing with these new Henry Griffitts Blade Irons for over a month, I can say with confidence they are built to last. The irons are smooth and comfortable. Not only do you get some of the best irons on the market right now but they are also customized to your game.
What mainstream golf brands are missing now is the customization factor. You cannot walk into a golf store and grab a set of irons that are to your standards. Not everyone plays the same and not everyone swings the same. 


Henry Giffitts is a great brand that really understands the golfer. It is truly important for the average golfer to realize what works for some golfers does not always mean it will work for you. This is when the Henry Griffitt brand comes in. They know how to make a nice set of golf clubs and know how to treat you while customizing them. Everyone I spoke and interacted with had one goal in mind, to make me the best possible golfer I can be with the best equipment. Customer service and quality are what Henry Griffitts is all about. 


As I said earlier, I have been playing with Henry Griffitts T12 Irons for over a month now and I cannot seem to get them off my mind. I have amazing control and feel for my ball. Not only do I have more confidence with my swing but I know the ball is going to end up somewhere in the spot I want. Golf is a mental game and confidence will get you really far. I have tried many golf clubs these last few months but nothing had the feel like these Henry Griffitts T12 Irons. The T12 Irons will be in my bag until I find something that is at the same level. Like I have been telling all of my close friends, you need to get yourself a set of Henry Girffitt Golf Clubs. 


You can find the Henry Griffitts brand online on their website. The brand has now gone out of business we believe they are trying to open again. 
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