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Kikkor Golf Tour Pro Shoes Review

When you’re a golfing man, you know just how important a good pair of shoes is. Golf is a game you spend a lot of time on your feet. This is especially important if you’re the walking type. When a brand comes out with a good pair of shoes, we have to take a closer look and review them. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s review on the Kikkor Golf Tour Pro Shoes


Kikkor has a nice look to most of their golf shoes. I have been noticing these shoes more and more over the past few months at golf courses all around. The Tour Pro’s are one of my favorite styles of shoes Kikkor offers. They have a very sporty look and are inspired by soccer cleats. When taking a closer look you can really see the soccer inspiration. There is something about the brown rubber against the black shoe that attracts your eyes. Overall just a great looking golf shoe.


Over the past few weeks I have been traveling all over and playing many different golf courses. I brought the Kikkor Tour Pro Golf Shoes along for the ride. These Kikkor Tour Pro Golf Shoes feel like a performance golf shoe. They offer traction and are extremely lightweight. I did not seem to slip out on any shots, even while playing in the rain. Speaking of rain, the Tour Pro Shoes have waterproofing that kept my feet nice and dry. After wearing these shoes for weeks, they still seem to look great and my traction has not changed from use. The shoes are a little smaller when it comes to the width but don’t worry because Kikkor sends along wider inserts for those with bigger feet. 



Kikkor has got what we look for in a brand. They are making golf equipment for the modern golfer, while having fun doing it. The brand started with the idea of bringing a little change to the style of the game. The creators of Kikkor wanted to make sure that the younger generation of golfers did not have to wear the same outfits their fathers did. Kikkor Golf offers many different styles of shoes and clothing. If you are looking for a new outfit then check out this brand. 


The Kikkor Golf Tour Pro Shoes are comfortable and perform excellently. If you have not looked into the Kikkor brand, now is the time to do so. I really enjoyed wearing the Tour Pros and if you see me on the course, I might still be wearing them. 


You can find Kikkor Golf Shoes at most golf shops or online at
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