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Miura Wedge Review

This is the first club from Miura I have had the pleasure of reviewing and I was excited to hit the course. There is something about the Miura brand that draws you in. Their clubs are art masterpieces and they perform just as well as they look. The New Series clubs come in off degrees that are a little uncommon. With degrees ranging from 51 to 59, you can really cater to your short game. I was able to try the 59-degree and did not know that one degree would feel so different. 


Sleek, classy, crisp, and awesome are just a few terms you can use when talking about the look of the Miura New Series Wedges. The wedge has a nice chrome finish complete with the classic Miura golf logo and a Japanese symbol next to the Forged stamp that translates best as “striving” or “noble effort.” 


Smooth is the first word that comes to mind when asked about the feel of the Miura New Series Wedge. Chip shots feel controlled and on point and flop shots are fluid and easy. There is something about the shape that allows you to really cut through any ruff you are in. Miura’s tag line for the New Series is, “Best through the turf, anywhere on earth.” I would say this is true because my short game as really been on with this new wedge. The Miura New Series Wedge has redesigned bounce angles that really help you keep the ball under control. A couple hits with these wedges and you won’t want to put them away.


Miura is a Japanese brand that makes high quality golf clubs. The company specializes in making some of the world’s best forged golf clubs. The company has one factory and this is where they make all of the clubs. Their factory is located in a part of Japan known for the art of samurai sword making. Though they do not make swords, they practice that art on golf clubs. If you haven’t already heard of Miura Golf, get ready because they truly make some of the finest golf clubs. 


This is an amazing brand that offers a quality product. The New Series Miura Wedge is my go to within 50 to 60 yards. I don’t know if it is new club luck but my short game has improved tremendously since I have started using the wedge. If you are looking into making the switch to Miura then all I can say is when you do, you’re going to wonder why it took you so long. 



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