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Nicklaus Golf Balls Review

Lets talk Nicklaus Golf Balls. When it comes to golf ball technology and design there are plenty of brands trying all sorts of different ideas and technology. Nicklaus has kept things simple and has a pretty solid product. When you think of high quality golf balls, I bet Nicklaus Golf Balls don’t really come to mind. After playing a few rounds with these balls, I’m impressed. Here is the Golf Review Guy golf review on Nicklaus Golf Balls. 


These balls are not the top-of-the-line but have a solid performance. You have a choice between three different designs. First is the White, these are for the player who uses the front tees. The Blue golf balls are for those who play from the middle. Finally the Blacks are for those golfers who play from the back tees. 
Few Tech details…
  • White/Blue-High speed gradient core and low spin mantle for distance, Durable surlyn outer cover maximizing distance.
  • Black-High speed gradient core and low spin mantle for distance, Competition urethane outer cover for more control and feel, Balanced distance and feel for low handicap player.


To wrap things up these golf balls have a great feel and playability. If you are looking for a mid range golf ball, you can stop looking. What’s also nice is the low price, you don’t have to worry about losing a few. Buy now
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