I have been hitting this G30 driver for about two months now, and I am more and more impressed by the performance. I have been overlooking Ping Drivers for way too long, and after hitting the G30, let’s just say I won’t anymore. I am excited to see what Ping has to offer now. This Ping G30 driver performs like a champ and has a great look. Here is the Golf Review Guy golf review on the Ping G30 Driver. 


The Ping G30 Driver is packed full of golf technology. This 460cc head is geared to increase your clubdhead speed and ball speed. The new Crown Turbulators allow for more aerodynamics which leads to that faster clubhead speed. When you increase both clubhead and ball speed it equals the most important factor… Longer Drives! The G30 has Trajectory Tuning Technology which means you have five setting to tune in your launch and two degrees of loft adjustability. This new driver feels smooth and solid. 


The Ping G30 is sleek and clean. I really enjoy the look and design of most Ping clubs at a glance but when you look into the details, you’ll be more impressed. This driver feels smooth and looks extremely clean. I am a huge fan of black clubs so I may be a little swayed. But don’t let me tell you how it is, you can be the judge.


The Ping G30 Driver is a awesome club with great performance. Over the last 2 months I have been basically only hitting this driver. Not only testing it but because it performs so well with my game. If you are in the market for a new driver then check out the Ping G30.


You can find the Ping G30 at any major golf retailer or online at Click here to check it out! You can also find this club on Amazon.
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