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Revant Optic Lens Review

I have been looking for replacement lenses for my sunglasses for a while now. It’s nice to see a company specializing in something everyone takes for granted. Not only is Revant trying to bring higher quality lenses to the market, they are do it at a low price. Here is the Golf Review Guy golf review on Revant Optic Lenses. 


I have been wearing these lenses for about a month now. Not only do these kick butt on the course but are great for driving and everyday life. You don’t really realize how important Polarized sunglasses are until you start wearing a pair. The performance on the course surprised me also. I usually have to take my glasses off while swinging or putting but with these, I kept them on. I have always wanted a pair of glasses that don’t mess with my depth.


These lenses are extremely sharp. They have a great tent to them which is light enough to be able to see everything but dark enough to have great vision in the sunlight. I can’t really tell a difference between the look of my old lenses and these, which is of course was the point but the quality is for sure better. 


These Revant Lenses are awesome. If you are in the market for some new lenses then look no further.  I can say with confidence these lenses have held up for a few months now and have been extremely helpful. You can order a set of lenses on the Revant website. Click here to check them out.
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