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Adams Pro Hybrid Review

The New Adams Pro Hybrid is a sight to see. This piece of equipment is perfect for golfers of all skill levels. The technology mixed with the design make an easy to hit hybrid in any conditions.  When I first got word I would be receiving an Adams Hybrid, I was a bit excited to say the least. Adams has come a long way in the golf world and they have really made a name for them selves. When a brand makes a high quality product you can guarantee the Golf Review Guy wants to do a review on it. Here is the golf review on the Adams Pro Hybrid. 

adams pro hybrid



This Adams Pro Hybrid has a fresh look. When I pulled this club out of the box, I was really impressed. Adams has release a hybrid with a killer design … and it works! The flat black looks great mixed with the maroon red.  The club is clean all the way down to the Aldila Pro Red shaft.  When you pull a club out of your bag that looks this clean, you have a feeling of confidence while stepping up to hit. It doesn’t matter if you miss the ball or hit into the trees, you will look good doing it. The Adams Pro Hybrid has a clean design most golfers can enjoy. 

adams pro hybrid



The feel of this new hybrid is something every golfer is looking for. Starting with the shaft, Aldila shafts are known for performing excellently and lets just say this ones gets the job done well. When you swing this Adams Pro Hybrid for the first time, you will know exactly what I am talking about. The feel is clean and flawless. My game feels smooth and easy with this hybrid in hand. If you are looking for a next level hybrid to clean up your game, the Adams Pro Hybrid should be on your checklist of contestants. 

adams pro hybrid



The Adams Hybrid is the perfect transition from an iron to a fairway wood. This hybrid has it all plus more. The MOI face technology has an upside down face shape that allows golfers to get a clean hit even when you miss that sweet spot.  You can be sure the contact is going to be about the same time and time again. Also, the Adams Pro Hybrid as something called Cut Thru Slot technology, which allows for more forgiveness and playability.  This golf hybrid will give you higher launch and more ball speed. I have been playing the new Adams Pro Hybrid for about a month now and I can say I feel confident when pulling out my 3 hybrid on the course. 




In the past I have not been a major Adams Golf kind of guy. With that being said, this new Adams Pro Hybrid has made me a believer. The look and feel of this club is amazing. The technology allows for major playability and fewer missed shots. If you are struggling with your long iron or fairway wood game, this club may solve your problems. Be sure to keep Adams Golf in mind when looking for a new Hybrid. 

adams pro hybrid



You can find the Adams Pro Hybrid in many major golf retailers or on the Adams Golf website. Click here to check out the website. 
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