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Martin Golf Apparel Review

Martin Golf Apparel has a classic look that takes you back to a day when things where a bit more simple. This timeless look has withstood the test of time and is still popular. Made from the freshest materials, this new brand has high quality written all over it. The shirts are classy and so is the brand. I first heard of Martin Golf Apparel through a friend who is all about quality. This man wears nothing but the best and when I saw him wearing a Martin shirt, I had to see what this new brand was all about. Showcasing new and high quality products is what the Golf Review Guy website loves.


Martin Golf Apparel has the ability to make you feel classy by only putting on a polo. These shirts are made from the finest Pima Cotton which feels great on the skin. The Frosted Mesh Shirts are great for those hot days on the course. The Mesh keeps the moisture away from the body, allowing your game to be the best it can be without having to deal with sweat and moisture. 


Martin Golf Apparel, Timeless as The Game. Just the tag line alone shows off this Premium brand. The look is just as it sounds, timeless. The colors you see are from the Riviera and Costa Del Sol color palettes. These shirts showcase many stripe configurations to show off the amazing colors. 

During the first round of golf I played while wearing the Martin brand, I sported the yellow shirt seen above. Not even 10 minutes passed after arriving in the clubhouse, when a man commented on my shirt.
“Excuse me?”

I had to finish my bit of waffle, then I looked up to see an older gentle man standing above me. He looked as if he had been playing the game of golf his whole life.
I responded, “Yeah?”

“I really like that shirt, where did you get it?”

I am not lying. This really happened. This became the perfect situation for a reviewer. It was the moment you realize your onto something great.

These shirts dont only look great but they tell a story. The story of a timeless game for the sophisticated player. The sport of golf needs to keep tradition alive and with the Martin Golf Apparel, class and sophistication is a given.


A premium brand with outstanding quality. You can feel the difference between the average golf shirt and the high quality of a Martin one. As the Golf Review guy, I am always trying new products and when you can actually feel the difference between  shirts, it makes a big difference. 


If you are looking for a premium brand that offers high quality products, which you will probably not see the average golfer wearing, Martin Golf Apparel is the brand for you. I really enjoyed checking into Martin Golf and if you see me on the course, I’ll most likely be wearing a Timeless Martin Shirt. I believe you will be seeing a lot more of Martin Golf in the future.


This Timeless Collection of Martin Golf Apparel is exclusively available through Green Grass Distribution. Check out the Martin website.
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