When you are looking for a new driver, what are the first things you look for? Many people are looking for a driver that will hit that long ball. Others are looking for one that will allow them to get the best hit-off-miss shots. I am a sucker for the feel and sound of a driver. It is tough to fall in love if the club does not feel good and has a great sound. The Bombtech Golf Grenade Drivers have the sound/feel I am crazy about. You can feel a great shot, and everyone around can hear it. 


The Grenade Drivers has a sleek new look to it. The Club head has a smooth black coat with a few green highlights.  This driver is not very loud, but once you hit it, heads will be turning. The new shaft you see might have some tweaks in color coming soon but performance will stay the same. 


Technology is everything when it comes to the modern golfers’ driver. The Grenade Driver by Bombtech has a two-piece plasma welded cast head, which it’s a little pricier but is a much better construction process. Only a few of the big dogs have this construction process but none hit like the Grenade. The reasoning is that of their engineering of the two divots on the club head. These customized aerodynamic divots cut drag back to increase your swing speed. This technology even helps with those off center hits. The Bombtech Grenade driver not only allows you to hit straighter, farther drives, but also tries to center itself during your swing. This has been proven time and time again and I even felt it happen in my game. The Aerodynamics of the driver makes the head want to self-correct flat and on the sweet spot.

This driver really has something special. The weight of the head is pretty consistent with tour players but it does not feel heavy.  This weight allows you to hit those bombs, along with other important factors like the divots on the bottom of the head.

Don’t worry, this Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver is USGA APPROVED!


Sully is a laid-back guy who is creating something great in the Golf World. Bombtech Golf is a small name as of now, but I foresee them going places in a hurry. Not only is Sully a stand-up guy, but the clubs are put together by hand in Vermont. If you want a driver that will perform, swing a Bombtech Grenade drive_r. To get fitted just right, you can send Sully your information, and you will get a semi-customization driver that should work perfectly for you. If the driver does not work to your standards, Bombtech Golf offers a return policy that is out of this world. If you do not like something on the driver, you can send it back, and they will build another driver for you. This is how confident Bombtech Golf is in its products. 


After hitting the course for about 10 rounds using the Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver, I can honestly say I am a big supporter and believer. I will use this driver until I find something else to perform to these standards. Not only have my shots been straighter off the tee but farther than most over-the-counter brand-name clubs. If you are struggling with slices or losing a few balls off the tee, you need to check into the Grenade Driver; you will not be disappointed.


You can find the Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver on Click Here to check it out! You can also find this driver on Amazon.
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