Polara is a brand here to help your golf game in any way it can. Though I do not like to use balls and help aids that are not USGA approved, I made an exception for Polara because of recent inquiries. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s golf review on Polara Golf.

The Polara Driver

I was able to try the Polara Advantage Driver, 10.5, Stiff Flex, Standard. If you are just a recreational golfer or one who needs a little extra help, Polara might be the brand for you. This driver is not approved for tour use, but you can have some fun impressing your buddies. Drives did seem to go a little farther with missed hits and when I slowed down my swing. If you have trouble with distance then a helping Polara Driver may be what you need. 

Self-Correcting Golf Balls

The Ultimate Straight XS Self Correcting Technology – 3-piece construction for straighter ball flight and more greens. These balls also create Extra Spin so you get the best shot possible. I was not a believer that the self-correction golf balls would actually go straight but after a few hits, I saw it for myself. Even with missed shots my balls flew straight. As long as you line up towards the green and get good contact, these balls will flop right onto the green.

Extra Distance XD 50% Self-Correcting Golf Balls – Two Piece Construction for maximum distance. These balls are like the Ultimate Straight golf balls but are more focused on distance. If you have trouble hitting the long ball or just want to out-hit your friends, this is an easy solution. I saw just a little more distance than the other self-correcting ball I tried. These balls also flew really straight. Again, if you are looking to win a few bets or impress a few friends, these balls will make it easy on you. I recommend using these balls every round, but I can honestly say they fly straight. Buy the Polara Golf Balls today.


Final Thoughts

These balls are fun to play around with but I would not recommend using them too often. To get better at golf you just have to practice and practice more. You can play around with these self correcting balls for a while but if you really want to increase your skills then you may want to stick to a standard golf ball. 


Where to Buy

You can find the Polara brand online on their website. We have found the best prices on Amazon. Click here to buy the Polara DriverClick here to buy the Polara Self-correcting Golf Balls

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