I have been playing with many different irons lately and had never given the Callaway X Hot Irons a chance. When I finally tried them out, I had to do what I do best… write a review. The following review will be covering:

  • The Feel
  • The Look 
  • The Forgiveness
  • The Cons
  • The Conclusion
  • What Are Others Saying?
  • Where Should I Buy?


The Callaway X Hot Irons have a nice feel to them. When you swing the club it feels sturdy and has a smooth impact feel. The cavity back gives the irons some weight which I was not used to. Callaway has a pretty big cavity and this helps many golfers hit the ball easy with good distance. I can say my shots where on point and had great distance. 


The X Hot Irons have a nice clean look. Callaway always has a consistently fresh look, which I love. The irons have a pretty deep cavity back that make the club look a little thicker than most. Overall the Callaway X Hot Irons have a nice classy look that will impress your buddies.


The X Hot Irons played extremely well. While I was playing, I felt myself make many mistakes but the ball seemed to make it’s way to the general direction I aimed for. These Irons are extremely forgiving and might be the most forgiving clubs I have played with thus far. If you need to work on controlling your game with distance and accuracy, than the Callaway X Hot Irons are made for you.


The con I felt while playing with the Callaway X Hot Irons were the fact I couldn’t feel a distinction from hitting a good or bad shot. I have let a few friends take a some shots with the X Hots and they also came to this conclusion. So as long as you know the difference between a good shot and a bad one than this should not be a big deal. 


The Callaway X Hot Irons are an amazing irons. These clubs are made for the golfer that needs a forgiving and accurate set of irons. The X Hots have a sturdy feel. I was able to make great shots, even when I did not make the best contact. If you are looking to improve your golf game and need to work on your accuracy and distance, than the Callaway X Hot Irons are for you.


The Callaway X Hot Irons have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.com and a 5 out of 5 on Callawaygolf.com. Here are some more reviews from others who have used the Callaway X Hot Irons.

  • “I love them very much, Gained at least 10 – 15 yards consistently.. Playing in a tournament this weekend and hope they help me out.”
  • “I’ve played Ping Irons my whole life and finally decided to see what all the hype was on the new X-Hots. I demoed the 6 iron and went from 150yds with my ‘old’ Pings and now 185yds yards with the X-Hot. I couldn’t believe the consistency I had with these irons. I called everyone I know and told them to go out and hit these irons. I mean really 35yds more is totally unbelievable!!!!!”
  • “Three weeks ago I bought a new set of X Hot irons.Last fall I bought a razr fit driver and razr fit three wood. WOW! What a combination! If you want to improve your game get fitted for a new set of callaway clubs. They are by far the best !”


I have seen the best price on Amazon.com as usual.  You have to make sure you pick the right combination of clubs. For the best price on the Callaway X Hot Irons I have seen Click Here.
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