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Giga Golf M510 Forged Muscle & C510 Forged Cavity Back Irons Review

Giga Golf is a company many golfers have not heard anything about. This company brings quality golf clubs at a very reasonable price. I was able to try these guys out for a couple of months now and even did quite a bit of traveling with these clubs. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s golf review on both the Giga Golf M510 Forged Muscle & C510 Forged Cavity Back Irons.


For the M510 Forged Muscle Irons I ordered a 7,8,9, and PW. I am a big fan of blades because of the feel and control you get. These irons did not let me down. First round I was able to play with these irons was on a par 3 course. I stepped up without any warmups and nailed one 5 feet from the hole… Lets say I was impressed. The Forged M510 Irons are smooth and give you a lot of feel for your shots. I am able to feel what I am doing wrong, so to correct the problem for my next hit. Giga Golf also has a great online fitting process that allows you to put in your details to get you the best setup. 


The C510 Forged Cavity Back Irons are great for those long shots. I was able to grab a 4,5, and 6. These Cavity Back Forged C510 Irons make it so much easier to hit those long iron shots. A major problem I have had in the past was miss-hitting my lower irons. Being able to get a few cavity back irons for this purpose was an idea of the President of Giga Golf, Rob. Switching things up has really brought some diversity to my game. These irons again feel smooth and soft. I can still get a good feel for my shots but they seem to get a crazy amount of distance. If you are looking to diversify your game, you might want to think of switching from long iron blades to cavity backs. A major selling feature is the seamless compatibility of the muscle backs with the cavities.  The golfer themselves are able to determines the best blade they are comfortable with.


When people think of off brand golf clubs, most believe them to not be made with the best materials or just made terrible. This is true about most “clones” because they focus on price alone. Sometimes you need to read a little more into the brand to see what they are all about. Giga Golf has been making clubs for over 15 years now and seems to have everything dialed in. They are not your typical “clone” company. They use styles of today, but in a way which allows the user to get a quality product for less. The company designs their own tooling unlike many other “clone” companies. But what stands out is the commitment to greatness that they strive to produce. Giga Golf develops and tests their products to guarantee greatness. The company has an amazing team and I was even able to talk to the President, Rob, who was very easy to talk to and proud of the Giga Brand.


Overall I was again impressed by Giga Golf. These irons held true in many different situations and weather. If you are looking for a set golf clubs that are made from quality materials at a low cost then check out Giga Golf. Click here to check out there website. 
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