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I was a little hesitant to do a review on the Chromax Distance Golf Balls because of the color and brightness. After taking them out for a few rounds, I can truthfully say I enjoyed them. I will keep rotating Chromax in my rounds because I had a lot of fun playing with them and the balls are easy to see in flight.


The Chromax Distance Golf Balls have a very unique feel to them. The outer shell is soft and flexible. The outer layer is made out of a proprietary blend of resins. This blend allows the ball to stay flexible and provides high-energy transfer. Usually the softer balls do not seem to go as far but with the Chromax Distance, I did not have this problem. My drives where consistent and went the distance.

The Soft Compression, two-piece, 1.52in diameter Core is made from a poly-butadiene compound. This core allows the golfer to have the best feel over the ball. The spin on the ball was amazing. My drives hit the floor running and my short game spin was on point. The Chromax Distance Golf Balls have a lot of short game control. 



You do not have to worry about losing your ball with the Chromax Distance Golf Balls. These golf balls are as shinny as they come. The Distance golf balls come in three different colors: Electric Green, Galatic Gold, and Silver. 

The golf balls have a High Visibility Metallic Finish. The metallic inner coating reflects the sunlight through the clear coat on top. This allows you to see the ball in the air and on the ground. The golf balls are extremely easy to find and I didn’t lose track of one, in the air, the whole round. If you are having trouble seeing your ball in flight, you may want to consider switching to a colored golf ball. 


The only problem I had with the Chromax Distance Golf Balls was when it came down to putting. The balls are shinny and take some getting used to when you’re putting. After the second hole I was used to the ball and it did not bother me anymore. You might want to keep this in mind.


After using the Chromax Distance Golf Balls for a few rounds, I can say they performed extremely well. I was impressed on how good the balls felt and preformed. Overall, Chromax is a great company with a product that is ready to perform. If your tired of losing golf balls or having trouble seeing your ball, you might want to switch to Chromax.


You can find the Chromax Distance Golf Balls at local golf shops all over and online on
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