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Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips Review

Golf grips are something many golfers over look. Your grip is very important and that’s why many different companies have introduced aids to show you the value. Why not start with getting a quality grip to allow you to take your game to the next level? Here is the Golf Review Guy’s golf review on the new Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips.


These Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips have a sporty look to them. The red, black and white come together to showcase a quality product. This fresh new look is something everyone would expect to see from a company who is the number one golf grip on tour. The look is not distracting but definitely stylish.


The Feel

The feel of these are a little different from the Golf Pride Tour Velvets I have played with in the past. The grips provide me with more feel than other golf grips I’ve tried on the market. I can feel how strong my grip is since these are much softer, which is good because we all know you do not want to hold your clubs too tightly. The texture of the grips provide a surface that is easy to hold and decreases the chance of slippage. The standard size feels thicker than normal but definitely more comfortable. The feel of hitting a great shot is smooth, but I can also feel my missed ones even more.  

The Wrap Up

After having the Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips put on my clubs, I have noticed a difference in performance. These grips are softer and have a great texture to them that prevents slippage. If you are in the market for new golf grips, then you definitely want to try out the Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips.

Where to Buy

You Can Find Golf Pride grips at most of your local golf shops and on their website. Click here to shop Golf Pride Grips.

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