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 Leisure Society Apparel Review

Leisure Society is a high-end brand. Their clothing is made from some of the finest material and are super soft. Comfort is something every golfer is looking for when they pick clothes to hit the course in. What else golfers need is a brand you can wear out with your friends and on the course. I can say over the last few rounds, I have been insanely comfortable in Leisure Society Apparel. Here is the Golf Review Guys Golf Review on Leisure Society Clothing. 


The Leisure Society Shirts are great. They are extremely comfortable and well designed. These shirts are for any type of golfer who wants to look good on the course. The look is more modern than your typical golf shirt. With Leisure in mind, Leisure Society has designed some of the most comfortable shirts that can be worn on and off the course. These shirts have such a great look, you will want to wear them everywhere.

I am sure that more performance golf shirts are nice but I am not a big fan. This is why I like brands who make shirts that don’t only serve one purpose. With golfers everywhere wanting something new, Leisure Society has done it with style. These shirts are built to last and have amazing flexibility. 

Their golf pants look as if I am about to go to a nice dinner. I could wear these slacks with a button up shirt/tie. The Leisure Society pants are high fashion on and off the course. Not only do these pants look great but also feel amazing. 

The Leisure Society Shorts also have a great look and feel. They are not too short or long. The length is just right. You even have the ability to tighten them without wearing a belt. With side waist controls, making your pants fit is easy. But Leisure Society also has amazing belts, why wouldn’t you want to wear a belt?



The Leisure Society belts slip on and buckle extremely easily. The belts are made from some of the finest leather. Many golfers love to wear their shirt tucked in showcasing a nice belt. These Leisure Society belts are for that reason, they look great and perform excellent. You will not be sorry after picking up a Leisure Society Belt. 



The branding of this apparel is very well done. I can see the Leisure Society brand making headlines all over the Golf world. Every detail on their apparel is designed with the best style in mind. Leisure Society is a premium brand with quality and care stitched into every item of clothing.


After hitting the course over the last few weeks wearing Leisure Society Apparel, I can say with confidence they are built to last. With the golf world being swarmed by many companies making clothing, you can be sure to stand out from the crowed with Leisure Society apparel. I really enjoyed this apparel and would suggest it to any golfer looking to pick up some new gear. 


You can find Leisure Society Apparel online on their website. Click Here to check it out. 
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