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Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is an awesome product for those who are struggling with their short game. The Golf Mat shows you where to put the ball and your feet. When it comes to golf, your short game is critical to lowering that score. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is well designed and offers much needed help for most weekend golfers. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s Review on the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat.


The Perfect Pitch Mat is made out of quality material that is not easily damaged. I have been stepping and hitting balls all over this mat for a couple weeks now and it still looks as good as when I got it. The material is like your normal golf range mat but feels just a little more soft. The Pitch Perfect Golf Mat is well designed and will help with your short game. After switching my stance to match that of the Pitch Perfect Mat, I have dialed in my game around the green. Though practice is the most important factor for making you a better golfer, it is important to try new things to improve your golf game as well. 


One down side about the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is it’s a little bulky. Though the Mat does roll up, still it can take up some room. Also, when you pull the Mat out at the practice range, it can look a little intense. After you get over these two drawbacks, the Mat can truly make you a better short game golfer. The Perfect Pitch Mat has the ability to show you exactly where the ball and your feet should be so you can take that knowledge straight to the course. 


After using the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat for a few weeks now, I can say that this golf training aid can really improve your golf game. If you are looking to dial in your short game, the Perfect Pitch Mat may be perfect for you. The next time you hit a terrible chip or flop shot, your going to wish you had been practicing with the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat.


You can buy the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat online on their website. Click Here to check it out. 
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