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When it comes down to a putter, the touch and feel matter. Some golfer get used to the same putter and never switch and others are switching every other round. I have tried many putters and this Ping Anser Sigma G Putter is one of my favorites… so far. The new Sigma G Putter has proprietary golf technology that allows for better striking and speed control. Here is the Golf Review Guy’s golf review on the Ping Anser Sigma G Putter. 



The Ping Anser Sigma G Putter has some awesome new technology and features that allow you to perform at your best. Here is a short list of the major golf tech the new Anser Sigma G Putter has. The putter comes in many different head styles as well.

High-Tech Face – A high-energy Pebax elastomer insert behind the anodized 6061 aluminum face provides a soft feel without slowing ball speed, ensuring full-face forgiveness and consistent distance control.

True Roll Face Pattern – True Roll Face Technology supplements your putting touch for improved consistency and fewer three-putts.


The Ping Anser Sigma G Putter has a really soft and smooth feel. It is lightweight and easy to get the speed and timing right for each shot. The True Roll Face Technology allows you to accurately strike the ball every-time. My first few rounds with this putter felt extremely good about my putting game and it may have been for confidence but I have been putting really well since switching to this thing. 

Also, the stock Ping grip is on point. It’s no to thin or bulky, a comfortable medium. It has a great feel without being to soft or spongy. 


Overall I am a huge fan of Ping putters to begin with, so I might be a little bias. If you are looking for a putter that plays true, then I highly recommend heading down to your local golf shop and trying this putter out. 


You can find the Ping Anser Sigma G Putter at all your major golf stores or on Amazon by clicking here. 
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