When I found out I was doing a review on Spoon Golf, I had to do a quick Internet search to see who they are. I was pretty excited after seeing their modern/trendy website. The pictures were funny and the clothes looked good.  Here is the Golf Review Guy’s golf review on Spoon Golf. 


I was able to try a couple of golf polos and a pair of slacks from Spoon. I really enjoyed the dark blue long sleeve golf shirt. It has a great feel and style. The lighter shirt is extremely comfortable with a fresh look. Both polo’s have little design details you probably haven’t seen before in a golf shirt. The small pocket on the long sleeve takes a bit of getting used to and the other doesn’t have a collar. Spoon Golf takes more of a modern outlook on your typical golf shirt. Spoon has a different style than I’m used to, but after trying them out, I can say the shirts are extremely comfortable and soft. I was really impressed with the quality and attention to detail. 


Spoon Golf is a Italian / German brand who make high quality golf gear. This company is said to be very modern and comfortable. Spoon does not only produce golf apparel, they have all everyday styles and are very big in their women’s department. If you have never heard of Spoon Golf before, go check out the website to see all the different line ups.  


After trying Spoon Golf equipment for about 2 months now, I can say their apparel has lasted in all sorts of weather. Spoons apparel looks just as good as when I received them, even after putting them through the ringer. You know you have a quality golf shirt when two months later everything looks just as good. Though I was not used to the Spoon modern style, I can say their apparel is very nice and made extremely well. If you haven’t seen Spoon Golf before, be sure to check out their website. 


You can find Spoon Golf Apparel on their website. Click here to check it out! 
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