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Maide Golfing Apparel Review

Madie Golf Shirt


Maide really understands what the modern golfer needs. All a golfer wants to do is wear high quality clothes that look great. Maide Golf has even the small details dialed in. The shirt I received is simple yet timeless. The colors are bright and look great. If you cannot tell by the pictures, let me say their shirts are awesome. This may be my favorite golf shirt in rotation at this point of time. 

As for the pants and shorts, they have a classy yet comfortable look to them. I have been wearing the shorts often while not on the course because I like them so much. This is an important detail for me. I do not like that fact most golf apparel looks like golfing apparel. The pants on the other hand, you may get a few looks if you wore those out to dinner. All the cloths have a nice color and are built for comfort.


The shirt is made from polyester and pima cotton. The material breathes very well and allows for the necessary movements. The pants and shorts on the other hand are made out of 100% polyester. They have a custom button that is different from any other button I have ever used. Also, they have a strap around the waist that is good for keeping your pants exactly where you want them. The material is comfortable and durable. I have been through many rounds with both the shorts and pants, and they have yet to show signs of wear and tear. 

The pants have a nice zipper on the bottom of the pant legs to maximize comfort. If you get a little hot during a round, you can just zip them up and they let in a nice breeze. 
maide golf
Maide Golfing Apparel has really “Got It”. They have a style that many golf companies strive for and a brand that speaks for itself. When I first received these clothes, I was amazed by the detail that went into just sending this product to me. Inside the box was a small white card with a piece of black tape with the words “Thank You” on it. On the little white card was a small picture of a ninja. This is a little way to say thanks unlike anyone else out there. Just after opening the box, I knew I had to write a review on this outstanding brand. 

Maide Golf Shorts
maide golf pants
maide golf


Maide Golf is a sister brand to the Bonobos Company. Bonobos is a high quality brand that sells all types of clothing. This hip company has definitely made a name for its self in the golf world. When you sell a quality product, people can’t help but take notice. The style of Maide is simple yet classy; a style that needs to be brought back to the game of golf.  They are a brand you can wear on and off the course.


Overall Maide Golf has an excellent product that I love to wear. If you see me on the course, I will probably be wearing at least on piece of Maide Golf Apparel. If you want high quality golfing cloths, then Maide Golf is the brand for you. 


You can find the Maide Golf brands clothing online through their website. Here is the link to check it out.
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