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Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Golf Club Package Set Review

Tired of shanking drives and flubbing putts? Feeling stuck in a golfing rut with your beginner clubs? Well, fellas, step aside and let Wilson’s Ultra Plus Complete Golf Set step into the spotlight. This powerhouse package promises to upgrade your game and reignite your passion for the green. But before you blindly tee off, let’s dissect this set from driver to putter, unveiling its secrets and answering your burning golfing questions.

First Impression: Premium Performance, Budget-Friendly Price

Forget flimsy beginner sets – the Ultra Plus oozes premium quality, from the sleek black and silver design to the high-grade materials. It’s eye-catching without being flashy, and the price tag won’t make you break a sweat. This set strikes a sweet balance between performance and affordability, making it ideal for intermediate golfers seeking an upgrade.

Distance Demons: Unleashing Your Inner Long Bomber

The star of the show? The oversized 460cc titanium composite driver. This beast boasts an enormous sweet spot that practically begs for mishits, forgiving even the most off-center strikes. The advanced weight distribution and unique head design work in harmony to launch the ball further and straighter than your old driver ever could. Prepare to crush drives past your buddies and leave them wondering what kind of magic potion you’ve been sipping.

Fairway Friends: Conquering Those Tricky Gaps

The 3 wood and 5 hybrid are your fairway-dominating partners in crime. They bridge the gap between driver and irons, offering forgiveness and confidence on those awkward second shots. No more shanking into the rough – these easy-to-launch clubs will have you finding fairways and slashing strokes off your scorecard.

Ironclad Irons: Precision and Forgiveness in Every Swing

The progressive offset irons take the sting out of those long irons, promoting higher launch and straighter ball flight. The enhanced head design delivers superior trajectory compared to their clunky counterparts, and the extreme perimeter weighting ensures forgiveness even on off-center hits. Whether you’re a birdie machine or a bogey buddy, these irons will have you attacking pins with newfound confidence.

Putting Prowess: Finding the Bottom of the Cup More Often

The popular heel/toe weighted putter provides a soft feel and improved stability, helping you roll those putts in with greater accuracy. The easy alignment system takes the guesswork out of green reading, and the soft putter grip ensures a smooth, confident stroke. Say goodbye to three-putt woes and hello to sinking those clutch birdie putts!

Bonus Points: The Extras That Matter

The Ultra Plus set doesn’t skimp on the extras. You get a lightweight, robust carry bag with plenty of pockets to keep your gear organized. The plush, double-padded shoulder straps make carrying your clubs a breeze, and the integrated handles offer convenient on-cart transportation. Plus, the matching head covers protect your precious clubs from dings and scratches, adding a touch of style to your bag.


  • Premium performance at an affordable price: Get high-quality clubs without breaking the bank.
  • Distance boost: Crush drives farther than ever before with the forgiving driver.
  • Forgiveness galore: Mishits don’t have to be meltdowns with the forgiving irons and fairway woods.
  • Easy launch: Get the ball airborne effortlessly with all clubs, even for slower swing speeds.
  • Complete set: Everything you need to hit the course, no need to buy additional clubs.


  • Limited shaft flex options: Only available in regular flex, which might not suit all swing speeds.
  • No graphite shafts: Only steel shafts available, which might not feel as comfortable for some golfers.
  • No left-handed option: Sorry, lefties, this set is for right-handed golfers only.


The Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Complete Golf Set is a game-changer for mid-level golfers seeking an upgrade. It delivers premium performance, distance gains, and game-improving forgiveness all at a budget-friendly price. Sure, the lack of shaft flex options and left-handed availability might sting a bit, but overall, this set is a **no-brainer for anyone looking to unlock their golfing potential and conquer the course with confidence.

Ready to ditch the frustration and elevate your game? Grab your Wilson Ultra Plus set and experience the difference premium performance can make.

Unpacking Your FAQs and Gearing Up for Success

We know you’re hungry for more, so let’s dig deeper into some specific aspects of the Ultra Plus set and answer some burning questions fellow golfers might have:

Tech Talk: What Makes the Ultra Plus Tick?

  • High Launch Technology: This fancy phrase translates to easier launch off all clubs, especially for golfers with slower swing speeds. No more struggling to get the ball airborne!
  • Progressive Offset Irons: These beauties have varying degrees of offset depending on the iron, promoting higher launch on longer irons and more control on shorter irons.
  • Extreme Perimeter Weighting: This tech packs weight to the edges of the clubhead, creating a larger sweet spot and forgiveness even on off-center hits. Say goodbye to shank-induced nightmares!
  • Heel/Toe Weighted Putter: This design promotes a more stable putting stroke and helps you roll the ball on a straighter line, leading to fewer missed putts (and happier rounds).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Ultra Plus good for beginners? While it’s a great upgrade for intermediate golfers, beginners might benefit from a more forgiving set with graphite shafts.
  • What about experienced golfers? The Ultra Plus can still help experienced golfers gain distance and improve accuracy, but for optimal performance, they might consider a more customizable set.
  • Are there different grip sizes? Unfortunately, the Ultra Plus only comes with standard grips.
  • What clubs are included in the set? Driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-PW, and putter.

The Final Takeaway:

The Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Complete Golf Set is more than just a collection of clubs – it’s a passport to a better golfing experience. Whether you’re a frustrated mid-handicap or an aspiring scratch golfer, the Ultra Plus has the technology, forgiveness, and confidence boost to take your game to the next level. So, grab your set, hit the green, and experience the Ultra difference!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Complete Golf Set on Amazon for the latest deals and customer reviews.

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